Macro Systems -  Environment Sensor Solution

Macro Systems - Environment Sensor Solution

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Environment Sensor Solution

Environment Sensor Solution allows you to measure indoor temperature, humidity, illuminance, carbon dioxide (CO2) and suspended particulates.

The web-based user-friendly dashboard clearly shows near real-time online IoT devices status by any Internet browsers.


Benefits of Environment Sensor

- Detect temperature to control the air-conditioner
- Enhance your corporate image by maintaining the air at a good quality
- Protect your customers and staff to stay in a healthy space


Temperature measure range -40 to +125℃
Temperature measure accuracy
Humidity measure range 0 to 100 RH%
Humidity measure accuracy
±2 RH%
Data transfer interval from 5 minutes to 24 hours by predefined set up

AC Input: 11V~240V (50~60Hz)

DC Output: 12 V with max.1 A current


maximum with 1.5 M cable

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